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Museum Night St. PetersburgMuseum night in St. Petersburg is an annual event that is dedicated to the International Museum Day.

This year the Museum night in St. Petersburg is expected to be at the night of 21-22 of May. It will last all night long from 6 p.m. till 6 a.m.

“Space” will be the main theme to honour the 50th anniversary of Gargarin’s journey into the cosmos. Both – major and manor museums – will be welcoming visitors. The event executives are preparing special programs such as workshops, author tours, plays, concerts and many others. Tickets can be purchased at any one of the participating museums and are valid for all other locations throughout the night.

In 2009 over 47 museums and 64 000 people took part in the event.


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The Latvian “Go Blonde” Parade will take place in May 28-29, 2011 in Riga. Blonde-haired women from all over the world will be meeting in Riga for the annual “Go Blonde” festival. This year there will be a lot to see and enjoy. The city guests will have the chance to watch Marilyn Monroe’s look-alikes competition, music concerts, and special pink fashion show by Latvian designers. Besides, the organizers of the Festival promise a special Pink Party at the end of the day.

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The Scarlet Sails Festival, which is the most massive and famous public event during the White Nights in St.Petersburg, will approximately be taking place during the night of 19-20 of June 2011.

This Festival has become a real brand of the city. This year it will be the 7th time when the dream ship with scarlet sail – a symbol of hope – enters the aquatorium of the Neva river.

The event is highly popular for spectacular fireworks, music concerts, and a massive water-show including battle among tens of boats full of pirates. Entertainment also includes appearances by popular rock stars, as well as St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, ballet, and other classical acts, performing on several stages simultaneously during the event.

This tradition of the Festival began after the end of WWII, when several Leningrad schools united to celebrate the ending of a school year in connection with symbolism of the popular 1922 children’s book Scarlet Sails by Alexander Grin. At the first celebration a boat with scarlet sails was sailing along the English Embankment and the Admiralty Embankment towards the Winter Palace. Although it was designed to update the rusty revolutionary propaganda, the “Scarlet Sails” tradition eventually evolved into a massive demonstration of freedom from “schools and rules” and became the most popular public event ever since, celebrating the ending of school year annually.

Around 3,5 million people came to the “Scarlet Sails” event in 2010. The celebrations normally last all night long. The main stage for the event will be in the Palace Square in St.Petersburg, Russia.

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Park Kievan Russ is a historical and cultural tourist complex in Ukraine, situated in village Kopachiv, about 21 miles from Kiev. The project aims at creation of a replica Detinets-Kremlin in ancient Kiev and revival of the Kievan Russ atmosphere of V-XIII centuries based on scientific research.

All ancient buildings and fortifications will be restored in their traditional shape and among them the palace of Prince Vladimir, the palace of Princess Olga, Fedorovsky monastery, the Tithe Church, and Yaroslav Courtyard.

The main difference of the complex as compared to other tourist attractions is that this is a live authentic vibrant city with streets, fairs and local people, recreating the atmosphere of ancient Kiev.

In the new season, the park offers its guests five major international film festivals, weekly themed weekends, new facilities and displays, guided tours in different languages. Archery tournament, and storming of the fortress events will also be held in the park this year. The first major event – the International Festival “Kiev Russ, XIII century” – will be held here from 21 to 22 May 2011. According to travel.ru portal park’s administration aims at 1 million tourists in 2011.


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