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More than 2.9 million of people visited museum of Moscow region last year. There are plenty of different sightseeing objects in Moscow region such as churches, monuments of military glory, architectural monuments and museums. According to the officials, Moscow-area museums are constantly being improved, prepared special programs, created interactive exhibitions for all visitors..

The region can offer guests eco-tourism, cultural, religious, scientific, educational entertainment and camps for children.

Moscow region is proud of its handicrafts. You will find a very unique production: Russian shawls, Gzhel and many other products, famous all over the world.

It is also worth noting that more and more hotels and guest houses are being opened in the Moscow region. The latest trend of the hotel business is a conversion of manors to the hotels with private parks and private entrance to rivers and lakes.


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A new museum “The world of Chocolate” was opened on Triumfalnaya square in Moscow. The visitors will know about the history of chocolate as well as will be able to try 4 types of chocolate and cocoa that was created by the recipes of different historic epochs.

The most of exhibitions are dedicated to the history of chocolate in Russia. The museum has a big collection of labels and chocolate boxes as well as some sweets that were made last century.

The visitors will have a nice opportunity to create a bar of chocolate by themselves or to buy anything in a “Chocolate shop”

The opening times: Tue-Sun from 11:00 until 19:00. The price is 400 rubles (about £7)

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On 19th of November the largest private museum in Russia – Faberge Museum was opened in St. Petersburg. The exhibition takes place in a restored Shuvalov Palace on the Fontanka embankment in the center of the city.

The collection of Faberge is the largest private collection of Russian arts and crafts of the late XIX-XX centuries in the world. It has more than 4 thousand items. The basis of the exhibition is the famous nine Imperial Easter eggs created by Carl Faberge. Furthermore, the visitors can see rare paintings and other art objects from the personal collection of the museum’s founder – Viktor Vekselberg .

Shuvalov Palace is one of the most famous palaces in St. Petersburg. By the mid- 2000s the building was half-destroyed. The cultural historical foundation of Victor Vekselberg ” The Link of Times ” invested more than 1.2 billion rubles to prevent the loss of an architectural monument. The foundation organised a large-scale instauration of the palace and completely restored the unique historical interiors.

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The Museum of Estate culture of the Russian capital will host the exhibition “New Year in Moscow”, which will show traditions of winter holidays in XIX-XX centuries.

Visitors will know about customs of New Year celebration in Moscow and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. More than 1000 items from museums of Moscow will be represented. Guests will see various Christmas decorations of XIX-XX centuries, costumes, carnival masks, Christmas and New Year greeting cards, photographs, periodicals, books, dolls and others. Children will be able to write and send their letters to “Ded Moroz” (russian Father Christmas).

The exhibition will be opened on November 29 and will continue till Marth.

Tickets prices are: adults – 80 rubles (£1.6), children – 20 rubles (£0.4). Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00. Monday is day-off.

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Hermitage, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Pavlovsk are the most disable friendly sigtseeing landmarks in St. Petersburg accroding to the research conducted by RIA “Novosti”, which was ranking all St. Petersburg museums in terms of arrangemts for disabled people. The rating included 62 most visited museums and exhibition halls of the city. The study assessed the external and internal architectural environment of collections.


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Apple Museum in Moscow

A collector of Apple memorabilia, Andrey Antonov is planning to open an ‘Apple’ museum in Moscow. Antonov has built-up a unique collection of technical equipment and accessories made by technology giant ‘Apple’. The collection includes screens, hardware, keyboards and other computer paraphernalia produced by Apple during the last 30 years.

In this collection you can find everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. The former includes both the stationary and portable models of the Apple IIC (1980), a rare Apple II from 1978, the first pocket computer and the Mac portable which astronauts have taken with them into space. The latter includes a beer bag-fridge complete with radio and some limited edition Apple-shaped sunglasses.

The opening of the museum is scheduled for the beginning of 2012.

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Beer art-museum in Moscow

The Beer art-museum will be open in the former factory known as the “Red October” building in Moscow on 18th October.

Visitors will have a chance to taste more than 100 samples of different types of beer, ale, stout, and lager. There will be an opportunity to try beer with the flavour of nettles, banana, cherry, vanilla and coffee.

The main purpose of the museum is to teach people the etiquette of beer drinking. Visitors of the museum will be guided around by experts who will be able to discuss brewing traditions around the world and beer consumption etiquette.

Each visitor can take part in the beer production process or can design a beer glass.

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